Meet the Author — William N. Britton

Mr. William Britton knows all about the therapeutic effect pets can have on a person. He is the cofounder, along with his wife Mickie, of Companion Golden Retriever Rescue in West Jordan, Utah, an organization that has rescued over 5,000 Golden Retrievers since its creation in 1988. Mickie went to Rainbow Bridge in 2002 and the animal-rescue community lost an invaluable friend. Mr. Britton continues his work with animals, training service dogs and assisting in rescues. He has authored numerous stories about animals.

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This heartwarming and comforting story is a must for anyone who has ever loved an animal. This little book, sweet, and inspirational, is filled with hope, comfort, beauty and possibility for all who have experienced the loss of a devoted and faithful companion. Animals create bonds in our hearts that can never be broken. The Legend of Rainbow Bridge, brings renewed hope and comfort to our hearts knowing that one day we will all be united at Rainbow Bridge. This is the original edition, copyright 1994. This touching and beautiful book gives hope and comfort to anyone who has loved and lost a companion animal. Available Summer 2007. Order now.

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